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The Return On Investment on my artwork and how artwork pricing works...

Shawn Dell Joyce paintings have risen in value by more than 50% in the past ten years!


The ROI in the stock market, real estate and other investments is less than investing in the career of an emerging artist. When you invest in a person who is driven and ambitious, your investing in their hopes and dreams, and helping to make them come true. The more you invest, and tell your friends about her work, the more the value of her work rises, and the value of your investment rises at the same time!


How the MAINSTREAM art market works… If you have ever wondered why someone would pay $250K for a banana duct-taped to a wall you are not alone. The art market is based on gossip-a gallery invests in an unknown artist. The gallery sells the work of this unknown to their top 10 collectors promising an enormous rate of return. They buy, the price goes up, the gallery made their money. But they don’t stop there! Instead, the gallery pays for full page ads, and hosts a sold out show driving prices even higher. Collectors clamor for more works. The initial collectors sell off their initial investment and make even more money inflating the prices even more.


When you work with the artist and small galleries who do not operate this way, your building an investment more slowly and steadily. This keeps prices rising consistently, with less likelihood of crashing. This protects your investment and makes it more stable and long term. Plus its honorable and has integrity. This is how I choose to price and operate my art business.


How my prices have grown…Over 20 years, prices have gradually increased and values of art have grown. Each artist is unique since careers grow at different rates. On the next page is a breakdown of how much a framed painting by Shawn Dell Joyce cost from my first gallery representation in 2000 to present so you can see the how the value has accrued over time.

Most prices have risen significantly because of the costs of dwindling resources and more expensive labor. In the artworld, we face higher costs for materials like paint and canvas, also frames, glass, work space, etc. This drives pricing, but not as much as an artist's career.

When major events happen in an artist's career, their prices jump. Work becomes more scarce and there is a higher demand.

In my career, I had two major changes in the past year and two more coming up this year. Last year, I won the top award (Best of Show) in TWO highly competitive pastel exhibits which is incredible good fortune for me (and I thank God for these blessings as I know there's thousands who deserve it as well). This year, I'm getting some world-wide publicity by being a presenter on Pastel Live! and (the same week) having a solo show at a new gallery in Tallahassee. Events like these increase the value of artwork because it increases the demand for it, like any product.


Here's an example:

Shawn Dell Joyce Pricing for 16x20 Framed Pastel  like this one (private collection of Megel Family, Dunedin FL)


2000 Price of framed 16x20 pastel through James Douglas Gallery


2005 Price of framed 16x20 pastel through Wallkill River Art Gallery


2010 Price of framed 16x20 pastel through Wallkill River Art Gallery


2015 Price of framed 16x20 pastel through Beach House Gallery


2020 Price of framed 16x20 pastel through Woodfield Fine Art


2024 Price of framed 16x20 pastel through all galleries that represent me $1000

Ways to monitor your ROI

I work closely with my galleries to set the correct value for our patrons and locations. I listen to what they suggest, and look at what actually sells (the red dots, not the asking price of unsold work). I also periodically google myself to see if anyone is reselling my paintings elsewhere. I recently found an old oil painting of mine from 2004 being auctioned for $10K on Ebay!

Most people don't think about the ROI on artwork they buy (or make) but in this volatile economy, it's good to know and protect your investments. Make sure you update the value of any piece you purchased from me in your home insurance. Most homeowners have a policy that covers furnishings up to $25K. If you own alot of artwork, consider getting a rider (usually a small premium) to protect your artworks.

Remember the value you give your insurance company is the cost of replacing that artwork. If you bought a painting from me in 2000 for $400, you would be paying more than twice that cost today to replace it.

Most importantly, I want to thank you for investing in me. Its my goal to make the paintings you own very valuable and treasured family heirlooms. I am grateful for you-this is what I do for a living and your purchase has helped me get to where I am today. From the bottom of my little green heart, I thank you!

If you are not yet a collector, or thinking of adding a new piece to your collection, this is the year! Next year, my work will raise again because I will become national. Check out my work in person at Woodfield Fine Art in St. Pete (solo show in Feb 2025), 921 Gallery in Tallahassee (solo show in Sept), Wallkill River School in Montgomery, NY, and on this website.

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