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Beginning of the next year-long series of skill-building classes. This class teaches and focuses on using all 5 pastel application techniques including scumbling, blending, daubing, and linear strokes (including feathering) and dusting. Each week we will work from supplied reference photos which incorporate all 5 techniques. For homework, use your own reference or work from supplied reference. Great way to build your skills and learn to integrate all the techniques to get different textures and effects.


Materials list:

Pastels (soft not oil!) set of 72 or more colors

3 larger surfaces (11x14 to 16x20)

Pencil and sketchbook

Reference photos provided with each class (print them or display them on a separate device) If you need printed photos please request a week in advance and I will mail them to you.

Using All 5 Pastel Techniques on 1 painting

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