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Have you always wanted to learn how to paint? This class covers the basics from value sketch, color mixing (making all the colors in the color wheel from the primaries), brushwork and applying paint to canvas, and techniques for blending and creating beautiful paintings from photos. Beach scene photos supplied or you may bring your own. Materials can be purchased (see supply list) or students can pay a $20 materials fee to the instructor for live class. Online class through ZOOM includes recordings that can be used anytime so you never miss a class!




Learn the basics of pastel painting in 6 classes. Find out what different brands are alike, hardnesses of pastel and different surfaces and paper “tooths.” Learn to use soft pastel to make paintings from direct observation, working from still life and photo reference. Start with making a value sketch, and learn how to translate color into values. Make your own color wheel from the three primaries and learn how to use color theory for your paintings. Each class begins with a demo, then independent working time with one-on-one help from instructor. This class is perfect for the person who has a set of soft pastel but not quite sure how to use them, or an artist wanting to try a new medium. Instructor supplies paper samples by mail and will contact you to get a mailing address. 

Still Life


Learn the basics of still life painting; how to draw objects in correct proportion to teach other, tips for making symmetrical objects like wine glasses and bottles, ways to paint transparent objects like glass, and shiny surfaces like metal and fruit. Each class starts with a demo in pastel or oil, followed by painting time with one-on-one help as needed. Open to all media. Classical still lifes with an emphasis on beach themes, complementary colors, and direct observation, color temperature and skill building. 

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