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Have you always wanted to learn how to paint? This class covers the basics from value sketch, color mixing (making all the colors in the color wheel from the primaries), brushwork and applying paint to canvas, and techniques for blending and creating beautiful paintings from photos. Beach scene photos supplied or you may bring your own. Materials can be purchased (see supply list) or students can pay a $20 materials fee to the instructor.  




Learn to paint indigenous tropical flowers in any media. Bring your own favorite media (pastel, acrylic, oil, watercolor-see materials list) and works from a supplied photo reference to learn the steps to making a completed painting in three hours. Start by sketching your canvas, work from dark to light, and learn new techniques to capture realism and life-like effects. Each class is a separate painting; hibiscus, water lily, sunflower, bird of paradise, orchid, magnolia. 


Learn to use pastel from a pastel maven! Beginning pastel classes at DFAC covering the basics of values, color mixing and blending techniques, pastel hardness and paper tooth! Classes for advanced pastelists once a month in challenging topics like layering light and still life. Sponsored by Ampersand Pastelbord


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